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Country Code

Remember you share Mortonhall with others. Here is the countryside code which if followed allows everyone to enjoy the estate safely.

Be Safe - plan ahead and follow any signs

Land managers need to conduct their work as safely and effectively as possible. Hindering such work can cost them time and money, and can be potentially hazardous to your safety and to the safety of those working on the land. Key points to remember if you come across a land management operation:

Keep a safe distance and take heed of reasonable advice provided by the land manager to ensure that you do not hinder the work.

For some types of operation, such as crop spraying and tree felling, the land manager will ensure that people are not affected – follow any precautions, alterative routes and signage provided for your safety.

Take special care on country roads.

And finally, do not climb over any stored materials, such as straw bales or timber stacks.

Leave gates and property as you find them

Walking in Mortonhall estate, you will encounter fences, drystane dykes and other similar features. These are very important in land management and can cost a lot of time and effort to put up and look after. Use a gate, stile or other access point.  Make sure that you leave all gates as you find them. If you come across a closed gate, make sure that you close it again as, for example, farm animals and horses may otherwise escape and cause injury to themselves and other property. If a gate is locked and you need to go over it, then make sure that you climb the gate at the hinged end and take care not to damage it.

Do not park your car, van or bike in front of entrances to fields and buildings.

Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.

Protect plants and animals and remember to take your litter home

Scotland’s natural heritage contributes greatly to people’s quality of life and health, and awareness and enjoyment of their surroundings. It adds to local identity and sense of place. Key points to remember to help you care for your environment:

Do not intentionally or recklessly disturb or destroyplants, eggs, birds and other animals, or geological features.

Do not linger if it is clear that your presence is causing significant disturbance to a bird or other wild animal and follow any agreed local information aimed at preventing significant disturbance to protected plants, birds or other animals, or at preventing the spread of erosion in more sensitive areas.

Make no unnecessary noises.

Help to keep all water clean.

Do not start fires.

Take extra care to prevent damage in more sensitive natural habitats and to avoid disturbing more sensitive birds and animals, particularly during the breeding season.

Please take your litter home with you.

Keep your dog under proper control

We welcome dog walking at Mortonhall but only if the dogs are under proper control – ideally on a lead. Commercial dog walkers with many dogs are requested not to use Mortonhall without specific agreement of the landowner.  Here are some key points to remember if you have a dog with you:

Never let your dog worry or attack livestock and do not take your dog into fields where there are lambs, calves or other young animals.

If you go into a field of farm animals, keep as far as possible from the animals and keep your dog(s) on a short lead.  If cattle react aggressively and move towards you, keep calm, let the dog go and take the shortest, safest route out of the field.

During the bird breeding season (usually April to July), keep your dog on a short lead in areas such as moorland, forests and grassland.

Pick up your dog’s faeces if it defecates and dispose of it responsibly.

Consider other people

Please remember that Mortonhall is used by many different people, so have consideration for each other when walking, do walking, cycling or horse riding in the estate.

Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.

A member of Scottish Land & Estates - Landowners working for the countryside

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