Clerkenville House (4 bedroom), Greenlaw, Duns, Berwickshire, TD10 6UH

To-let - Uniquely private former farmhouse recently refurbished... more

4 Bed Recently Refurbished House To-let in Uniquely Private Location With Big Open Views

Duns/Fogo/Greenlaw - 4 Bed Recently Refurbished Country House To-let - Uniquely Private Location with Big Open Views... more

News —December 2014

Watchnight at Swinton 24th December

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Fogo's parish is twinned with the parish of Swinton where there is a Watchnight service on Christmas Eve Wednesday, 24th December, 2014. The Watchnight service starts with carols at 11:00 p.m; during which refreshments will be served at 11:30hrs. The service will end at 5 minutes past midnight.    

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Christmas Day at Fogo Kirk at 11.00am

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Family Service Christmas Day 2014 11 a.m. at Fogo Kirk Everyone Welcome   All visitors from all denominations will be warmly welcomed for the 11:00 a.m. Christmas Day Family Service. It is not possible for Fogo to have a service every Christmas Day which makes 2014 a special year for Fogo with its Christmas Day Family Service Scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Great if you can be on time but if you are running late please still come in and enjoy the service and ambience. Fogo Kirk is a very old kirk and an even older place of worship and Grade A listed

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