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The Battle of Flodden - 500 years ago today.

Charterhall | Mortonhall |

500 years ago today at Flodden, amongst the destruction of the Flower Scotland, in the tragedy of Flodden Field, fell both Trotter of Catchelraw and our kinsmen Trotter of Printonan; understood to have been fighting with the Homes. Records are scant as after Flodden the Scottish Borders were successively raised and the East March, being relatively bereft of natural geographic defences, was particularly scorched. As a Berwickshire family survival of some family members was in itself good fortune and to still be stewards of the lands of Catchelraw five hundred years later is a very great privilege. It is also a privilege to work with people and be involved in business both sides of the border whilst remaining proudly Scottish and British.

John  Trotter 1st of Mortonhall. was born in 1588, a younger son of Robert Trotter of Catchelraw in Berwickshire.

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